13th SLOVLOG logistics congress, October 3–4, 2019


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03. 10. 2019
03. 10. 2019
03. 10. 2019
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Departure of a special bus for participants from Bratislava to Senec

The organizers have arranged a special bus to transport participants from the center of Bratislava to the Hotel Senec. The bus will pick up participants at 7:45 at the main bus station (platform number 4) at Bottova 7 (map here) and at 8:00 at the bus stop Drieňová on Bajkalská street (map here) and transport them to the hotel in time for the registration. (Another bus will leave the hotel at 23:00 after the Logistics Business Mixer and take participants back to the same places.) If you would like to take advantage of this new service, please contact the organizers to reserve a spot in the bus.

8:00 – 9:00

Registration of participants

9:00 – 12:00

Joint morning program

Opening words

Martin Urban, Jungheinrich
Petr Neckař, ATOZ Logistics
Jeffrey Osterroth, ATOZ Group

Modern warehouse of the 21st century

Implementation of an automated warehouse for Continental Automotive Systems Slovakia

A Jungheinrich representative introduces us to the advantages of state-of-the-art innovative warehouse solutions through the example of a fully automatic pallet warehouse project with a crane stacker.

Marián Jančík, Jungheinrich

Inspirational opening presentation

Thriving in the Digital Age: The Need for a Copernican Business Revolution

In this visually rich presentation based on the content of his new book ‘Transition Point’, Sean A. Culey discusses how a new wave of disruptive technologies is fundamentally changing nearly every aspect of the end-to-end Supply Chain, including the relationship between customer and company. He will present a glimpse into the very near future where a ‘triple whammy’ of automation will result in a Value Chain that is fully automated, personalised and local.

Using videos and innovative presentation tools he will outline the nature of the changes, from demand capture to manufacture and fulfilment, and discuss ways companies can adapt to take advantage of the opportunities they provide.

Sean A. Culey
10:30 – 11:00

Coffee break

Morning panel discussion

Slovakia on the geographical crossroads of Europe

  • What is the potential for Slovakia to become the intersection for European logistics?
  • Will key east-west routes like the New Silk Road pass through Slovakia, or will Slovakia be bypassed and left in the backwaters of European transport and logistics?
  • Is the government doing enough to bolster the position of Slovakia in the sphere of European logistics?
  • How do the key players on the market see Slovakia’s chances to be the crossroads of European logistics?
  • What will this mean for Slovak logistics and transport companies?

Moderator: Peter Bečár, Partner, Crowdberry

Martin Polák, Prologis
Luboš Fronk, Lineas
Valer Kurinec, ASRA
Pavol Jančovič, ČESMAD Slovakia
Martin Hubeňák, Port of Antwerp
12:00 – 13:30

Lunch & BizLOG

13:30 – 15:45

Afternoon workshops


Arguably the most important sector of the Slovak economy at the moment, the automotive industry seems to be heading for turbulent times. What this will mean for the automotive producers, their suppliers, and the logistics and transport companies that service the industry can be found in this afternoon workshop. For more information about AUTOLOG, click on the tab at the top of the program.


Two and a half hours of inspiration for logistics managers in retail and FMCG production companies, organized in cooperation with the Confederation of Trade of the Slovak Republic. For more information about the workshop and its contents, please click on the RETAILOG tab at the top of the program.


Four presentations dealing with the hottest topics in the transportation industry, held under the auspices of ČESMAD Slovakia. For more details about the presentations, please click on the TRANSLOG tab at the top of the program.

15:45 – 16:15

Coffee break

16:15 – 18:00

Joint afternoon program

Quo vadis Slovakia:
Challenges and perspectives

How is the Slovak economy doing?

  • Weak and strong points
  • Double Trap and how to escape:
    • a trap of populism and extremism
    • middle income trap
  • Necessary reforms:
    • public finance reform
    • reform of public administration and public services
    • business environment reform
    • education, science and research reform
Ivan Mikloš

Afternoon panel discussion

Economic Visions and Perspectives on Future Logistics Development in Slovakia

  • Possibilities of investing in new logistics solutions, versus internal economic situation of companies
  • Industrial sectors, their development in relation to the economic situation, leaders and followers in relation to logistics projects
  • Economic impacts of Brexit on logistics and industrial production
  • Economical operation of logistics centers, economical solutions, new technologies
  • Demographic situation and development of staff availability in Europe
  • Impacts that can change economic development

Moderator: Vladimír Maťo, reporter, TREND magazine

Tomáš Bednár, VGP
Martin Urban, Jungheinrich
Katarína Dobišová, Nestlé Slovensko
Marek Fořt, DHL Supply Chain Slovakia
Ivan Mikloš
18:00 – 23:00

Evening program

Logistics Business Mixer

The Logistics Business Mixer, the cherry on the top of the congress day, is the best place to relax, make new business contacts and strengthen existing ones. You can look forward to a beer tasting organized by Heineken, mixed drinks from Fernet Stock, great ukulele music from the band Ukitas and a fire show at the end of the evening brought to you by BITO.


Departure of a special bus for participants from Senec to Bratislava

The organizers have arranged a special bus to transport participants from the Hotel Senec back to the center of Bratislava. The bus will leave the hotel at 23:00 after the Logistics Business Mixer and take participants back to the Bajkalská bus stop and the main bus station at Bottova 7. If you would like to take advantage of this new service, please contact the organizers to reserve a spot in the bus.

Automotive industry in Central and Eastern Europe now and until 2030

View of a logistics and manufacturing expert in the automotive segment, covering topics such as robotics, cyber security, sustainability, investing in the future, boosting productivity, mobilizing the workforce, reducing energy intensity, investing in infrastructure, supporting ecosystem innovation, supporting development regions and cities, digitization, increasing labor market flexibility, widespread involvement of inefficient workforce as well as ‘incremental’ immigration. It will focus on production capacities and the future of the artful interconnection of the virtual and physical world.

Ján Lešinský, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Installation of robots with a one-year ROI

The well-known supplier of car parts Visteon Electronics Slovakia has installed the latest generation of transport robots in its operation in the town of Námestovo in northern Slovakia. The investment will return within a year. These are four autonomous MiR 200 robots. Two of them supply nine automated lines at regular intervals. It can open the shutter gate itself and avoid obstacles. They significantly increase the efficiency of logistics operations. The company plans to expand the robot fleet in the future.

You can see a video teaser for the presentation here.


Branislav Franek, Visteon Electronics Slovakia
Rastislav Glončák, Visteon Electronics Slovakia
Peter Dúbravský, Amtech

Digital Twin in Automotive Logistics

The case study will present a comprehensive logistics solution with which CEIT succeeded in the European Automotive Logistics Awards. As a specialist in automation of internal logistics, CEIT scored with its smart logistics system, which it implemented at the largest automobile plant in Slovakia by Volkswagen Slovakia. The project has successfully combined AGVs, digital twin and augmented reality, offering great potential for optimizations of various kinds, as well as verifiable improvements for the customer.

Peter Mačuš, CEIT

The development of electromobility will change logistics

Logistics and supply chains in the automotive industry will change due to the advent of electric vehicles. The automotive industry is currently undergoing a transformation, which is reflected in the investments of car manufacturers. Automotive suppliers, transporters, and outsourcing logistics companies in automotive can expect changes. Electric vehicles are made up of fewer components. How will it affect car suppliers and transport companies? What to expect in battery logistics? How do we need to prepare for these supply chain changes?

Peter Ivančík, FM SLOVENSKÁ
Tibor Majzún, cargo-partner SR

The future of blockchain technology in retail and logistics

Basic principles of Blockchain technology. Blockchain are not just cryptomena. Evolution or revolution? Who, when and how will it be able to realize its potential?

Michal Fišer, Kodys Slovakia

Specifics of supplying retail outlets through cross-docking

Effective solution in distribution logistics. The aim of the presentation will be to provide insight into the logistics processes of the largest food wholesale in Slovakia, Labaš s.r.o., especially the complex way of supplying retail operations in the distribution chain through cross-docking.

Martin Godora, LABAŠ

Effective picking gives beer logistics the right bite

The case study will show how the combination of different types of racks has improved picking and the entire logistics of beer, luxury spirits and complementary products to the entire HoReCa customer segment.

Ján Franek, Heineken Slovensko
Pavel Mikuška, BITO-Skladovacia technika

Logistics and distribution concept through our own production facilities and logistics centers

The aim of the presentation is to introduce the logistics concept of a strong group of companies, TAURIS GROUP. Naming the specifics of chilled and frozen logistics as well as revealing differences and synergies in logistics of Tauris a.s. and Ryba Košice.

Alexander Czako, Tauris Group

Last-mile logistics for e-shops

Panel discussion

Ecommerce is experiencing tremendous growth both in Slovakia and across Europe. Consumers are looking for the most convenient ways to shop, and that includes the most convenient way to receive their packages. What is the most effective last-mile logistics for e-shops? What are the trends and expectations of consumers? And what impact does the lack of drivers have on the delivery of packages? Three representatives of the industry will debate these topics in a special mini-panel discussion at this year’s RETAILOG workshop.

Dušan Vilhan, Geis SK
Roman Pudmarčík, Ipsos Slovensko
Alexander Jančo, Zásielkovňa

The most-pressing problems of transporters in Slovakia

The situation has not improved for Slovak road transporters and the unfavorable legislative environment makes it increasingly difficult for them to be competitive in comparison with other foreign haulers. A Slovak road transporter likely doesn’t have to complain about the lack of contracts, but the business environment is a problem.

What would help a Slovak road carrier? Resolving pocket taxation for mobile employees on foreign business trips, labor shortages and intolerable tax on motor vehicles. Among other things, we should not forget the years of missing infrastructure. These are the most pressing problems that need to be urgently addressed. Otherwise, there is a threat of a massive departure of carriers abroad, where the conditions for doing business are more acceptable.

Pavol Jančovič, ČESMAD Slovakia

The impact of Brexit on Slovak road transport

In the event that the United Kingdom does not approve the withdrawal agreement or asks for a longer extension of EU membership, on October 31, 2019, the UK will leave the EU without an agreement, the so-called “hard Brexit“. In the event that the United Kingdom applies for a further extension of time, the United Kingdom shall remain an EU Member State with all rights and obligations during that period.

Brexit will also affect international road transport, and for Slovak road haulers this term is still largely unknown.

Peter Sádovský, ČESMAD Slovakia

Case study: How a low-cost giant saves costs

The pan-European platform and the largest airline in the Czech Republic have recently started working together. Nowadays, the terms Industry 4.0 and Logistics 4.0 are commonly heard. Martina Zatkalíková, E-commerce Process Manager for South Region, and Petr Bartoň, Smartwings Operational Supply Chain Manager, will explain how the new platform helps reduce costs and facilitates the day-to-day business of a large company such as Smartwings.

Petr Bartoň, Smartwings
Martina Zatkalíková,

Cartel of truck manufacturers

Companies affected by the cartel do not have to wait for a court decision

Companies and organizations that bought vehicles over 6 tons during the cartel no longer have to wait for compensation to be paid. Uncertainty can be exchanged for cash, because waiting for a court decision may stretch for a period of several years, which ultimately does not always mean a win for the injured party. Damaged parties have a unique chance that they no longer have to worry about lawsuits, but still get part of their money back.

For example, entrepreneurs and companies in the transport, logistics, construction, waste management and many other sectors are damaged, as vehicles over 6 tons are regularly purchased in almost every sector.

Sonja Nastasijevic, Creditale


SEELOG is the ideal opportunity to see logistics in practice by visiting exclusive warehouses near the congress venue. This year we will visit the warehouse of the leading e-shop in the Goodman Logistics Center in Senec.

We will visit in three groups of 15 participants, starting at 9, 11 and 13. Participation is very limited and is allotted by the organizers based on when the participant registered for the event (“first come, first served”). – Logistics center Senec