17th logistics congress SLOVLOG, November 28–29, 2024

About the event

Where real logistics professionals meet...

What makes up the SLOVLOG congress?

The joint morning session on the main topic of the congress

Like each year, the morning program of the conference will be focused on the main topic of the current edition. This year, we will focus on the impact of future technology such as artificial intelligence on the Slovak logistics and transportation industry. You can look forward to a well-known keynote speaker, presentations by logistics experts and a top-to-top panel discussion featuring Slovak business leaders.

Specialized afternoon workshops

After the lunch break, the program will be divided into specialized workshops focused on the hot topics in Slovak logistics and transportation, for example digitalization and automatization, the latest trends in warehousing and development, and the current situation in the transportation and forwarding sector. The foundation of the afternoon workshops are practical case studies featuring both the client and the supplier of the service. You can also look forward to panel discussions that will allow participants to hear multiple views on current topics.

BizLOG: New contacts in 10 minutes

The goal of the BizLOG program is to mediate meetings between the partners and participants of the SLOVLOG congress. Listen briefly and without obligation to the offers of leading companies in the logistics industry. Each meeting lasts only 10 minutes, and if you are interested, you can arrange a follow-up meeting at a later time. BizLOG is the perfect place to find new suppliers, as you will be able to choose from dozens of the top companies and then meet with them in one place at one time.

Logistics Business Mixer: Time for networking

After a demanding conference day, the Logistics Business Mixer, with its rich, entertaining program, will provide the perfect setting for networking. Over a drink and a plate of tasty food, you can continue the discussions started during the conference day or start a whole new ones.

SEELOG – Visits to logistics centers

The aim of the SEELOG program is to introduce “logistics in practice” and to convey information about interesting projects directly from the managers of important logistics centers in Slovakia. It is a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the latest operating systems and trends in warehousing, supply chain management and distribution on the spot.

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