17th logistics congress SLOVLOG, November 28–29, 2024

Panel discussion: Transport and forwarding

Panel discussion: Transport and forwarding

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to change the way transport is organized and managed. AI enables the development of autonomous vehicles that are able to drive and navigate independently. Autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance,

traffic management and personalized traffic services. We cannot avoid the hot topic of alternative fuels either. We will compare the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars, hydrogen propulsion, biofuels, all with an emphasis on the need to build infrastructure. In this section, we will also focus on the limitations and threats facing transport and forwarding and how to handle this situation.

What to do when there are no drivers? How to respond to rising shipping costs? How to optimally work with carriers? Is own or external transport better? How to transport goods through a world with more and more obstacles?

Vladimír Maťo, editor-in-chief of the magazine Systémy Logistiky, will be the moderator of the panel discussion.