16th logistics congress SLOVLOG, November 23–24, 2023


Until the pandemic, costs could be reduced in many areas; today, that task seems to be a mission impossible. Since 2021, the prices of energy and material inputs, transport, wages or the cost of repairs or strategic investments have been rising dramatically. The abundance of money in the economy set off an inflationary spiral that has further encouraged price or cost rises, even in sectors, products and services where this would not have been necessary. What can be done in this situation? It is probably not possible to “cut” costs, but it is possible to resort to “mitigating measures”, i.e., slowing their rapid increase?

Will automation, robotics and digitalization help to limit cost growth? Can we better set up processes in logistics and supply chain to find reserves and eliminate inefficiencies?

Is it possible to stagger wage growth over time so that we do not face a sudden cost spike, but at the same time do not drive out skilled employees?

Can we negotiate better operating financing or find a cheaper source of money? Which costs can be deferred so that we don’t jeopardize our company’s prosperity?

This year’s SLOVLOG congress takes a look at costs and attempts to answer these key questions and more.


First held in 2007, SLOVLOG is not only the oldest but also the largest congress for the logistics and transportation markets in Slovakia. The aim of the congress is to inform and inspire logistics professionals and to allow them the opportunity to learn about new trends and best practices in their industries. At the same time, the congress provides ample opportunities for the participants to make new business contacts while strengthening existing ones.

The 15th edition of SLOVLOG will feature a full-day program, which is divided into two thematic parts. In the morning, we will look at costs, which are and will be a key factor in the coming period. The platform for discussion in this regard is an economic panel discussion. After a break for lunch, the afternoon program will focus on case studies and a panel discussion on warehousing and automation. Thematically, the congress will focus on automation, storage, transport logistics and development. This segmentation by topic will allow logistics professionals to gain a deeper insight into and understand the challenges that many logisticians face today.

The accompanying program of the congress is BizLOG, organized speed-dating meetings; SEELOG, visits to leading logistics platforms where you can see logistics in practice; and the Logistics Business Mixer, an ever-popular informal party.

You can read more about the congress here.

Thanks to the following companies for supporting the 15th congress SLOVLOG


DoubleTree by Hilton, Bratislava