15th logistics congress SLOVLOG, November 24–25, 2022

Excursion to the frozen warehouse of HOPI SK in Madunice

08. 4. 2022
10:00 – 12:00

Excursion to the frozen warehouse of HOPI SK in Madunice

HOPI SK is one of the largest providers of value-added warehousing services in Central Europe. The company stores various types of goods in all temperature regimes (dry, refrigerated and frozen warehouse from -18 ° C to +25 ° C), and in the Slovak Republic alone you can count over 59,000 pallets in their warehouses. The Madunice frozen warehouse currently has a capacity of 15,000 pallet places, and the warehouse ships an average of 800 pallets of frozen goods per day.

The warehouse is one of the oldest in Slovakia, but in recent years it has undergone extensive modernization. It was the largest reconstruction of the logistics infrastructure in the company’s history. To increase the efficiency of the warehousing and unloading processes, the aisles in the warehouse were widened and less efficient system stackers were replaced by modern reach trucks. In addition to the heated cabin, which increases the comfort of the operating personnel, the reach trucks were adapted to the low temperatures in the warehouse. They were also equipped with various security features that meet all safety standards. The process of receiving goods in the warehouse streamlines the receiving conveyor and modernization did not avoid shipping. The shipping conveyor, together with the automatic packaging line, is maximally utilized and contributes to the overall efficiency and flexibility of the warehouse operation.

On the roof of the warehouse building with an area of ​​4000 m2, the company has built a photovoltaic power plant, which consists of a total of 1470 solar panels with an average output of 500 kW. By building its own photovoltaic power plant, HOPI SK confirmed its position on ecology and sustainability. Since the start of production of its own electricity in September 2021, the company has saved more than 40,000 kg of CO2 emissions. This represents 1,200 planted trees.

HOPI SK did not panic during the “coronacrisis” and used this period for the development and growth of society. HOPI SK continues to push this trend and is already working to expand its storage capacity in the Madunice complex.