15th logistics congress SLOVLOG, November 24–25, 2022

Cartel of truck manufacturers

03. 10. 2019
15:15 – 15:45
Conference hall LAGOON

Cartel of truck manufacturers

Companies affected by the cartel do not have to wait for a court decision

Companies and organizations that bought vehicles over 6 tons during the cartel no longer have to wait for compensation to be paid. Uncertainty can be exchanged for cash, because waiting for a court decision may stretch for a period of several years, which ultimately does not always mean a win for the injured party. Damaged parties have a unique chance that they no longer have to worry about lawsuits, but still get part of their money back.

For example, entrepreneurs and companies in the transport, logistics, construction, waste management and many other sectors are damaged, as vehicles over 6 tons are regularly purchased in almost every sector.